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As one of the top siding contractors in and around Southborough, MA, the Plum ProExteriors team is proud to work with the hard-working people of our community to assist in their siding needs. Whether we are working on a new build or replacing years-old siding, our team brings their experience and expertise to each job site and delivers a top-notch service from quote to installation.



Plum is known for its experience and expertise, which certainly is true regarding siding installation. Our team is well-versed in multiple types of siding and can install almost any type you have in mind. Our installation methods have been developed over time and honed with the manufacturers with on-the-job training. Today, our experts can work quickly and safely to ensure that your home or office enjoys a siding installation that will last a generation.



As a top siding installer, we proudly carry some of the most popular and well-reviewed brands. All of our products are made here in North America and come with manufacturer warranties to ensure the product quality is up to your standard and can last through multiple New England winters.

A world leader in fiber cement siding and backer board, James Hardie has been wowing North American clients with its line of siding for over 100 years.

A national leader in siding, PlyGem is home to five residential siding product lines, 37 mitten colors with ten profiles to fit your ideal look.

Westlake Royal has quickly become known for its low-maintenance composite and vinyl siding that will meet your needs.

CertainTeed offers an industry-leading selection of low-maintenance products that create timeless looks that last.

Everlast siding is home to one of the most advanced siding materials, with wood, vinyl, fiber cement and other composites all created in-house.

LP is one of the leading siding manufacturers, with various options and colors that can fit any design or motif.



We carry various types of siding to meet your and your home's needs.

1 Fiber cement

Fiber Cement

This versatile siding option is perfect for those looking to add a durable siding option to their home. It is a little more expensive than vinyl but still can come in on the pricier side for those who are more budget conscious.

2 Vinyl


One of the most popular options on the market, vinyl is known for its durability and affordability. Vinyl can come in standard or insulated options depending on the manufacturer.

3 Wood


One of the more traditional options here in New England, wood siding is the ideal siding option for those who like to change their home look. However, it does come at a high cost and with a lot of maintenance.

4 Composite


A durable and long-lasting siding type, composite has grown in popularity over the last few years. Although the cost is still relatively high, it is an excellent choice for those facing a bit more weather than others.

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