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Exterior remodeling is in our blood at Plum ProExteriors. We love the work, and with our commitment to expert prevision and finishing, our clients love our work. Whether you want to add in an entrance cover, need some additional railings, or even install stairs, the team at Plum has you covered. We have the engineers, craftsmen, and labor to make these jobs a breeze. So, stop relying on second-rate exterior contractors and trust a team that can do everything in-house on your schedule.

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Portico Entrances

Made popular here in the Northeast, portico entrances are a level of detail and investment that makes your house a home. These entrances are either down through columns or a roof-only option that will provide your entranceway with some cover for the elements. Whether you are looking to protect your Amazon packages or add a little value-add to your home, portico entrances are a great way to do it.

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Railings can be an opportunity to really showcase your style and get the look that you want at your entranceway or any other door. With our team, you will be able to design your railings to the exact specifications that you have in mind. We have been building railing since our inception, and with our dedicated metal and wood experts, we can easily find the perfect fit for your home or office.

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Stairs are always a bit of a headache, but at Plum ProExteriors, we love the challenge. Whether we are installing wood stairs, composite or any other material, our team loves the work. Not only can we design a stair that will work for your design motif, but we will also ensure water can run off of it and it can last through our tough New England winters. No matter what you have in mind, the expert craftspeople at Plum can deliver it.

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If you are looking for exterior remodeling work, including railings and stairs, look no further than the great people at Plum ProExteriors for all of your exterior remodeling work in and around Southborough, MA.